AdRelevance Signs Beta Customers

Startup online ad tracking service AdRelevance signed beta customers that
include McCann/Anderson & Lembke, OgilvyOne, Deutsche, TeamOne, Dahlin Smith
White, Magnet Interactive and StarCom IP.

Using the AdRelevance service, advertisers can access data about their
competitors’ online marketing communications programs, enabling them to
compare and report information by advertiser, Web site, creative and time
period, the company said.

The service can also be used by clients to monitor and audit their own online

“Our service enables ad agencies to develop online advertising
recommendations for their clients based on hard competitor data,” said
AdRelevance President and CEO Will Hodgman. “With access to this information,
these agencies and their clients can make strategic campaign decisions a full
step ahead of their competition.”

“Using the AdRelevance Service, we have more timely information about our
clients’ competitors online activity,” said Alan May, media director at McCann/Anderson
& Lembke.
“That intelligence is an important tool in helping us craft
media strategies.”

On Sept. 7, the company will formally launch the AdRelevance Service with
data for a range of industries including automotive, PC hardware, software,
telecommunications, financial services, travel, consumer electronics, content
providers and e-commerce.

The AdRelevance Service is powered by the company’s proprietary Online Media
Network Intelligent Agent Collection, or OMNIAC, technology, which combs the
Web 24 hours a day, searching for and capturing detailed data about
advertising banners, buttons and text links. Once collected, the data is
warehoused, classified, statistically analyzed and correlated to
AdRelevance’s Web traffic data.

Clients can access the service to generate Web-based reports on demand. The
service also enables users to view and archive Web advertising campaigns by
either brand or product.

In addition to advertisers, the AdRelevance Service is being marketed to
other groups that can benefit from access to online advertising intelligence
including content providers, service firms, analysts and news media.

Annual subscriptions range from $25,000 for basic service to $100,000 for an
expanded services package.

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