AdSmart Will Launch Small-Business Service

Internet advertising network Adsmart launched a program called Ad-Buy directed at smaller businesses
interested in advertising on the Web.

Officially launching in mid-September, small businesses will be able to
purchase purchase impressions entirely online from Ad-Buy.

Adsmart said the idea is to give businesses that cannot meet the requirements
of a traditional online ad network the opportunity to advertise on premium
sites in the Adsmart Network specifically targeted at their customer base.

At the same time, Adsmart will be able to generate a revenue stream from this
new, stand-alone e-commerce site.

“We realized that there were many small businesses who could not afford to
advertise their company online and we saw a great opportunity in the market,” said John Federman, chairman and CEO of Adsmart.

Users purchase impressions directly online at the Ad-Buy site, the insertion
order is dynamically sent to traffic, finance and sales and the payment is
immediately verified and
processed. Small businesses can buy ad banners throughout the Adsmart
Network and limited print advertising in trade publications targeting small
Web publishers. For more information click here.

Adsmart, a majority-owned subsidiary of Internet holding company CMGI Inc., is an online advertising network
comprised of more than 300 Web sites totaling two billion monthly

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