Alliance Capital Begins Campaign With News America Digital

InternNews Corp.’s News America Digital Publishing (NADP) and Alliance Capital launched an online
ad campaign in which NADP’s Web sites will carry banner ads that play Alliance
Capital’s “Extreme Measures” broadcast TV commercials.

The streaming video ads will be combined with a direct response mechanism that
allows users to request more information from Alliance Capital while remaining
in the content environment. Spending was not disclosed.

The campaign will be carried on NADP Web sites TV Guide Entertainment Network, Fox News Online and Fox Sports Online as well as Fox News
Online’s recently launched Fox Market Wire.

“Currently, most Internet ad banners link directly to the advertiser’s Web
site, making users reluctant to click on ads,” said Matt Jacobson, executive
vice president of NADP. “By featuring Alliance Capital’s successful and
dynamic television ad campaign via 30-second streaming video, NADP hopes to
encourage higher click-through rates and delivery of the advertiser’s message
while creating a more cohesive user experience.”

“Having the campaign on the Internet and utilizing NADP’s diverse user
demographics opens up a new audience for Alliance Capital,” said Richard
Khaleel, senior vice president of marketing and advertising for Alliance
Capital Management L.P.

“The innovative click-through design of the online ads
will allow users to request our Financial Preparedness Kit and begin their
financial planning Having the campaign on the Internet will allow users to
easily request our educational and financial materials to begin their
financial planning right away.”

Alliance Capital’s “Extreme Measures” broadcast ad campaign and the four new
30 second spots appearing on the sites, aim to raise financial awareness and
inspire investors toward retirement planning, through humorous ads
highlighting unexpected and exaggerated situations.

Among the most successful
of the ads is the episode entitled “Beach,” which dramatizes the moment a
son’s parents tell him he’s been intentionally left out of the will. The ads
are designed to appeal to a broader audience than traditional financial
advertising usually speaks to.

Alliance is a global investment management firm with over $248 billion under
management. Alliance provides services to pension funds, endowments, insurance
companies, banks and other institutions as well as to individual investors
through 186 funds and cash management products.

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