AmeriComUSA Launches Broadcast Model for Internet Ads

Arroyo Grande, CA-based AmeriComUSA Inc. launched its AdCast
and TrueManagement systems, providing non-scrollable, rich media e-billboards
that stay on screen for a set period of time.

The AdCast and TrueManagement systems eliminate the “waste factor” currently
being experienced with banner advertising, the company said. Implemented
together these systems control the number of times a Web site displays any
advertisement — by day, month or campaign — giving advertisers the ability
to control advertising expenditures and monitor results.

Unlike banner ads, e-billboard advertisements are based on a broadcast model,
and because e-billboards are a space seen by a browser independent of the Web
pages, they can support higher bandwidth media, the company said. E-billboard
ads also allow for rich messaging because the available play-time can run
between 15 and 90 seconds.

“AdCast and TrueManagement, provide a solution to advertisers who have had
problems getting quantifiable results with Internet advertising in the past,”
said Robert Cezar, CEO of AmeriComUSA. “We believe that targeted programs
using e-billboard advertisements deliver improved results over traditional
banner advertising.”

AdCast controls delivery and duration of advertisements; TrueManagement
provides real-time management tools, analytical reports and operating control
data for advertisers.

AmeriComUSA also operates Kiosk Software Inc., which provides development,
design and delivery of products and services for interactive kiosk software

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