Another “Get Paid to See Ads” Site Launches

Yet another company has launched a Web site that says it pays users to
display an advertising bar on their computer screen.

Called DesktopDollars, the site also has a
multi-level marketing program that offers referral income to member users who
sign up additional members.

The company’s ProfitZONE app is a downloadable program that remains the top
window on the computer users’ display screen, no matter what other programs
the user may be running. Competitors in this field include, among others.

“As long as you’re connected, you earn money,” said Peter Perri,
DesktopDollars founder and CEO, “whether you surf the Web, write a letter,
check your e-mail or play solitaire.”

Users are paid 50 cents per hour for a maximum of 40 hours per month or $20 a
month, the company said. DesktopDollars is a subsidiary of Ltd., which plans to launch a
clothing, gifts and health and beauty e-commerce site in September.

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