Ask Jeeves Moves Offline With Original Book Series

In a move to increase customer loyalty and extend its brand reach, Ask Jeeves Inc. on Thursday announced a
series of children’s books, whose content is based on the questions asked
on the company’s Web sites.

“We realize that we have a unique perspective on what people want to know,”
said Penny Finnie, vice president of I-deas for Ask Jeeves.

“By basing the content of our books on the real questions asked on Ask
Jeeves, we are able to creatively demonstrate the relevance of the service
to new audiences. The Ask Jeeves brand continues to serve as a significant
differentiator in the market.”

The three books will be self-published and distributed by Publishers Group
West to bookstores nationwide. The volumes will be priced at $6.95 and $16.95.

The first, “Jeeves, I’m Bored: 25 Internet Adventures for Kids,” is
designed to encourage learning and exploration. The second, “Just Curious,
Jeeves,” will provide answers to amusing questions asked on the site. The
final, “Jeeves, I need Help,” is a Web research guide for children.

The book initiative comes on the heels of the departure of Ask Jeeves’
president and chief operating officer, Ted Briscoe. The company Wednesday
announced that Briscoe would leave at the end of the second quarter to
become chief executive officer of Play
Streaming Media Group

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