Aureate Media Delivers Ads to 1.5 Million Desktops

Aureate Media Corp. said it delivered paid advertising to more than 1.5
million computer desktops in 1998 using its AdSoftware technology, which
displays advertising inside computer software programs.

Consumers can then use the software free of charge. Advertisements are shown
to users for an average of 2.5 minutes, the company said.

Aureate makes its ad delivery technology
available to software developers through its AdSoftware Network, which has
grown to more than 60 different software applications, including the download
manager Go!Zilla. The company said it is currently
delivering over 1 million ads per day.

“1998 marked a milestone year for us,” said Ehren Maedge, president of Aureate
Media. “The advertising in software concept has become increasingly profitable
for software developers, and is widely accepted by computer users.” Aureate
said its total user reach is growing by nearly 15,000 users every day.

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