Launches Ad Viewing Service

The interactivity of online advertising between consumer and advertiser
just became even closer, with the launch of a new service in the same vein
as,, MVALUE and ClickDough. today unveiled its
patent-pending business model that allows consumers to view full-screen
motion and sound advertisements tailored to their interests and lifestyles.
By doing so, aims to provide advertisers with a direct link to
consumers who want to see and respond to their advertisements. Consumers
fill out a profile so that advertisers trying to reach them can target ads
accordingly, and these users have an option to dismiss or quit viewing ads
whenever they desire. Unlike other players in the space, the consumer views
full-screen ads, rather than just seeing banners on a bar.

The ads are targeted based on specific demographic information.
In order to offer such targeted ads, utilizes its proprietary
“AdVision Control” technology, which permits Macromedia Flash advertisements
through the viewer interface. Advertisers pay members for the initial
viewing of an advertisement, giving members between 5.5 cents and $2.00 per

“Advertisers have the ability to know their target audience is genuinely
interested in what they have to say,” said Ingvar Gudmundsson, chief
executive officer of In addition, also has the
ability to do advanced consumer profiling through Claritas, a database marketing firm,
which can help determine what type of product appeals to what type of

Several name-brand companies who have agreed to use the service,
such as Compaq,, Warner Brothers, FootLocker, and Visa Next Card.

“We found’s advertising method intriguing,” said Donovan
DiLorenzo, vice president of marketing at

“We are always looking to embrace new opportunities and by using this new
advertising medium, we will know how effective our online marketing efforts
are in driving our brand awareness.”

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