Beyond Interactive Licenses Doubleclick’s DART

Beyond Interactive has
licensed the DoubleClick DART for Advertisers (DFA)
software, in order to bring its clients a third-party ad serving solution.

Use of DART will allow Beyond Interactive to analyze clients’ campaign
performance right to the point of transaction and determine return on
investment. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

“Agencies like Beyond Interactive will be able to streamline their online
campaign management process and increase their value to clients,” said Kevin
O’Connor, CEO of DoubleClick. “DART for advertisers puts control into the
hands of the advertisers so that seamless real time changes can be made across
the entire media buy.”

The app also offers online, centralized, real-time reporting, real-time
banner substitution, extensive targeting capability and frequency controls.

“DART provides us with the means to
precisely determine profit realized from advertising dollars,” said Beyond
Interactive CEO Jonn Behrman. “This is going to be an
extremely powerful tool for Beyond Interactive, as it will give us the utmost
control possible in serving our clients’ ads effectively and efficiently.”

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