Offers Rich Media Banner Product launched as an Internet
advertising and e-commerce technology provider and said its first product is
a next-generation, rich media advertising tool called E*Banner 2.0.

The company said the Java-based E*Banner technology enables high-impact, rich
media ads that provide an expandable, transaction-enabled environment that
can be used to sell products, exchange information or advertise. E*Banner
increases the potential for a transaction to occur, without hijacking
consumers to another site, the company said.

E*Banners use Java applets to create ads that resemble standard Internet
banners, but function much like a Web site. When clicked, the banner expands
within the current page.

“ is squarely positioned at the confluence of Internet commerce and advertising,” said t Annette Tonti, president. “We offer a
unique value
proposition to enable customers to develop innovative solutions for
electronic commerce, interactive information exchange and online advertising.”

E*Banners work with limited bandwidth and are already approved for a number of
advertising networks and Web sites such as DoubleClick, 24/7, E*Trade and the
Wall Street Journal, the company said.

E*Banners use technology that senses the speed of the end user’s modem and
serves up
only what is needed in real-time, loading in small, discrete pieces. The
first image/loader applet is 6.4kb.

Pricing varies by application. E*Banner campaigns are priced on a CPM rate
depending on volume; transactional E*Banners are priced on a per-transaction

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