Calvin Klein Campaign Features E-Mail Element

Calvin Klein Cosmetics Co. launched a new advertising campaign for its cK one
fragrance that includes a global e-mail component.

Developed by Wieden & Kennedy/NY in collaboration with Calvin Klein’s in-house
agency, CRK Advertising, the campaign features a new cast and introduces an
interactive element: personal e-mail addresses for each character depicted in
the advertising.

By sending a message to the addresses, consumers can begin personally
interacting with the characters, forming connections to the campaign and its

“The next cK one generation has different values and communicates in a very
modern way,” the company said. “What you have is a new kind of intimacy that’s
really a paradox–people all over the world are more in touch than ever, but
they’re doing it one-to-one on e-mail and the Internet. When we take this new
campaign to e-mail, it makes it very personal. People are sharing more and
they want to know more.”

The three characters introduced through advertising in 1998–Tia, Robert and
Anna–can be reached by e-mailing [email protected], [email protected] and
[email protected]. The addresses will be featured in print images shot by Richard
Burbridge and in television spots directed by Mark Romanek. More characters
will be revealed in 1999. Spending on the campaign was not disclosed.

The campaign’s e-mail component has a simultaneous worldwide availability,
with print and broadcast advertising support in the U.S., Canada, Mexico,
Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Uruguay, Italy, France, the United Kingdom,
Germany, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Australia.

Fifteen and thirty-second television spots will debut in mid-November on spot
television in 30 U.S. markets and on network cable including MTV in December.
Radio spots will air in November in more than 20 U.S. markets.

Print will debut in December entertainment/lifestyle magazines such as
Entertainment Weekly, with a regional focus including the New York Times, Los
Angeles Times
and Chicago Tribune magazines. Outdoor advertising will include
billboards and bus shelters.

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