ClickZ, Rick Bruner Launch ‘Executive Summary’ for Web Marketers

The ClickZ Network and Rick E. Bruner, an Internet analyst and strategic Web
marketing consultant, launched Executive Summary, a free weekly e-mail
and Web-based newsletter for Web marketing professionals.

ClickZ is a family of Web online advertising and e-commerce trade

The advertising-supported newsletter focuses on Internet advertising and
electronic commerce issues. It regularly features five sections:
“Post-Present,” in-depth analyses of current Web marketing trends;
“Marketing Manual,” expert advice for Internet marketers;
“Tools of the Trade,” profiles of leading Web marketing technology companies;
“Media Filter,” collected headlines of the most important Internet marketing
stories from around the Web; and
“Latest & Greatest,” recent news announcements by Web marketing companies.

In addition, Executive Summary will include book reviews, reader mail and
other occasional sections.

“Rick’s expert analysis and research skills are a strong addition to the
ClickZ’s family of publications,” said Andy Bourland, publisher of the ClickZ
Network. “We are proud to offer our readers the regular insights of one of the
industry’s premier strategic thinkers.”

Other sites in the ClickZ Network include: ZCommerce, a daily review of e-commerce
issues; Who’s Marketing Online, a five-track online
marketing seminar; Microscope, a weekly in-depth examination
of current online advertising campaigns; and the original ClickZ site for Internet advertisers.

Bruner is the co-author of the recently released book “Net Results: Web
Marketing That Works,” and has 10 years of experience in publishing,
journalism and publicity in the high-tech and business sectors.

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