Competition Heats Up in Competitive Ad Intelligence Field

AdRelevance said it has launched a new
service designed to provide Web marketers “with the most complete and
accurate data available” on competitive online advertising.

Meanwhile, a start-up called Leading Web Advertisers
(LWA) reportedly plans a somewhat similar new ad tracking and reporting
service that will provide details on a competitor’s Web marketing efforts,
including where the ads run, for how long and at what cost.

Using the AdRelevance Service, marketers can run reports by individual
advertiser, Web site location, creative, time period, impressions, and rate
card-equivalent spending, the company said.

At launch the new service offers data for eight industries including PC and
consumer electronics hardware, software, automotive, telecommunications,
financial services, travel, Web media companies and e-retailers.

“Until today, there’s been no definitive way for companies to support their
online advertising strategy using accurate data,” said AdRelevance President
and CEO Will Hodgman.

“Information based on polling methodologies have
offered answers to some of the questions relating to demographics and usage
but fall short when it comes to reporting on and analyzing hard data.”

The new service also enables customers to view and archive Web-based creative
advertising campaigns by either brand or product, the company said.

Charter customers include leading national advertising agencies
McCann/Anderson & Lembke, Dahlin Smith White, TeamOne, Deutsche, Magnet
Interactive and StarCom IP.

The service is powered by the company’s proprietary Online Media Network
Intelligent Agent Collection, or OMNIAC, technology.

It combs the commercial
universe of the Web 24 hours a day, capturing detailed data about advertising
banners, buttons and text links.

Once collected, the data is warehoused, classified,
analyzed and correlated to AdRelevance’s Web traffic data.

Founded in late 1998, AdRelevance is a privately held information technology
company that specializes in the automated retrieval, classification, analysis
and delivery of online marketing data.

LWA will launch its Web advertisement monitoring service in late September,
according to a report from

The company says it has its own proprietary monitoring system that allows any
company to gather competitive Internet advertising activity reports that
include data such as advertising occurrences, audience estimates and spending

“We want to be a one-stop shop for ad info on the Web,” Michael Kubin,
director at LWA, was quoted as saying.

“Where ads ran, what advertisers are
spending: these are what people want to know and we take the mystery out of
More details are available he

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