CoolSavings Teams for Grocery Retailer Agreement

In a move that gives it access to a host of potential new clients, online couponer Tuesday announced an agreement with a major technology and marketing firm that serves the grocery and consumer packaged goods industries.

That deal with Asset Solutions, the promotions subsidiary of Acosta Sales and Marketing, will enable CoolSavings to introduce integrated online and offline promotions to Acosta’s grocery retailers, which total more than 156,000 domestically. Jacksonville, Fla.-based Acosta provides outsourced sales and marketing services to manufacturers of food and other consumer packaged goods.

The relationship will also allow consumers online access to coupons that can be redeemed offline in neighborhood grocery retailers.

“Because of Asset Solutions’ leadership, this relationship will open new doors for CoolSavings and help us to create a much stronger presence within the grocery and consumer packaged goods industry,” said CoolSavings chairman and chief executive Steven Golden. “CoolSavings has one of the broadest infrastructures to help CPG manufacturers and retailers create successful e-marketing campaigns that help identify, reach and retain consumers and lower their cost of acquisition along the way.

“Combined with Asset Solutions’ ability to execute successful offline promotional campaigns, we’ll be able to offer a comprehensive marketing solution that incorporates the power of Internet marketing with aggressive in-store promotions,” he added.

The agreement not only gives Chicago-based CoolSavings an “in” with Acosta’s roster of retailers, it creates an opportunity for both companies to jointly package an array of marketing solutions combining in-store and online promotions. CoolSavings’ product suite includes printable coupons, e-coupons, sampling, rebates, loyalty points, newsletters and e-mail marketing messages.

Asset Solutions gains an online marketing component through the deal, which can be combined with their offline strategies in order to build one-to-one customer relationships that drive store traffic and enhance profitability for their customers.

“CoolSavings e-marketing tools and large member base will enhance Asset Solutions’ marketing services into the online environment,” said Asset’s e-marketing director, Tim Vicente. “We are excited because together, CoolSavings and Asset Solutions can extend the reach of our traditional marketing programs to help our clients build and maintain better relationships with their consumers and drive additional sales.”

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