Cox Interactive, LookSmart Launch Local Search Engine Network

Cox Interactive Media (CIMedia), which
operates a network of city sites, and search service LookSmart are launching a local search
engine network for the top 65 markets in the United States.

Advertisers can now penetrate CIMedia’s network of 25 sites, along with 40
other top U.S. markets, through a single source, the companies said.

“Our research consistently indicates that consumers want a local search engine
to navigate through the exploding number of local Web sites in markets where
they live,” said Peter Winter, president of CIMedia. “LookSmart, with its
unique, easy-to-use interface and attention to editorial excellence, emerged
as the best choice.”

“Complementing CIMedia’s 25 major markets
with a local LookSmart Web directory and search engine for the remaining top
40 markets in the U.S. is a natural step in the evolution of the Internet
marketplace,” said Evan Thornley, LookSmart CEO.

In related news, CIMedia announced a series of distribution partnerships and
programming initiatives with AutoConnect for car buying, for
comparison shopping, iName, offering free, personalized, permanent e-mail
addresses, REALTOR.COM for home ads, TalkCity for personal Web page
building and enhanced
chat and Thomson Investors Network. No financial details were disclosed.

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