CyberCash Launches Branding Effort

E-commerce technology and services company CyberCash Inc. launched an integrated
branding campaign created by Katsin/Loeb Advertising Inc.

Spending for the campaign, which highlights CyberCash’s ability to help
merchants grow their e-commerce businesses, will fall between $10 million and
$15 million.

The full-page print ads began appearing nationwide Monday in close to 20
newspapers and magazines, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York
Times, USA Today, Fast Company, Forbes, Business Week and Internet World.
The print campaign will be followed by online advertising and broadcast
campaigns breaking this fall.

“There is so much static in the e-commerce marketplace, that we decided it was time to reassert our leadership position,” said Ken Perez, CyberCash’s senior vice president of marketing. “With this new campaign we are delivering a strong reminder that CyberCash is at the center of the e-commerce revolution.”

“With the help of CyberCash technologies, merchants can attend to what they do best — which is sell — and to becoming profitable, quickly,” said Jef Loeb, Katsin/Loeb’s chairman and creative director. “We focused our campaign on the happy dilemma faced by merchants who utilize CyberCash: dealing with their success and new-found wealth.”

Unadorned photographic images are accompanied by humorous thought bubbles. In one ad, a voice emerges from the White House: “We’re all proud of you for inventing the Internet, Al. But how come all these other folks are getting rich off it?”

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