David Peebler Leaves Poppe Tyson for R/GA Interactive

More changes following the Modem Media/Poppe Tyson merger: R/GA Interactive has brought Poppe’s David J.
Peebler on board as director of business development of the western region.

Peebler assumes the role fresh from two-and-a-half years in a similar
directorial position at Poppe Tyson, prior to last week’s merger with Modem Media.

“I knew about the merger in advance,” Peebler told the Silicon Alley Reporter, “but
made my decision primarily because Modem Media looks at business development
in a much different way. R/GA fits my style.”

Peebler, the first to fill the newly created R/GA position, said his primary
mandate is to build the business. Located in San Francisco, Peebler
communicates with one producer, Tracy Fullerton, in Los Angeles, and a few
regional sales people. R/GA Interactive currently does not have a West Coast

The company, according to Peebler, will be seeking business in vertical
markets such as travel and hospitality, entertainment, and children’s
education. “Kiosk development is an area we’ll definitely be focusing on,” he

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