Desktop Advertising App for Restaurants Launched

Bull’s Eye Media is marketing what it
calls a new concept in small business advertising for restaurants, called the
Online Local Exchange (OLE).

OLE is specifically designed to provide restaurants and fast-food
establishments an affordable and effective way to advertise through its
software-based advertising product, the company said.

The software program contains a directory of localized restaurants that
allows users to view full menus, point-and-click food items, and submit full
orders instantly, without the Internet.

The software operates like other Windows applications; therefore, users do
not have to endure the slow downloads and lengthy forms that are typical on
the Web, the company said. Updates are posted on Bulls Eye’s Web site twice
a month, allowing merchants to change their information, menu items, prices
and specials as needed. The company will also send updates to users on

According to the creators, “The most significant benefit to merchants is the
method by which Bull’s Eye Media distributes OLE. The advertised menu is
targeted directly to local business users who have shown the highest
potential for becoming regular customers.”

The program is free to all users.
BEM also provides free advertising on OLE and on its Web site for local and
national charities. Users can click on the “Do your part” tab to view
pictures of missing children, find local animal shelters in their
communities, and find out how to volunteer for charity events.

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