DoubleClick Gets Into Barter Business

With the Monday debut of MediaMatch, a Web-based service for the exchange of
house ads, online ad industry giant DoubleClick Inc. has thrown its hat
into the ring, offering its solution to the problem of unsold ad inventory.

It’s a problem that’s been attacked from various angles, most recently by
online ad exchange players like OneMediaPlace, and But DoubleClick has a
different take on the whole matter.

Rather than offering an online where agencies and advertisers can buy
advertising at the last minute, DoubleClick is allowing sites to barter
house advertising amongst themselves. The company is pocketing a serving
fee — for serving the ads through its DART system, plus an exchange fee of
$.95 CPM.

The product will initially be offered to DoubleClick’s existing DART for
Publishers and AdServer customer base, which consists of 1270 clients. The
MediaMatch solution will be made available to DoubleClick Network and Sonar
clients. Current MediaMatch clients include, and

MediaMatch lets participating publishers allocate a certain quantity of
impressions for the exchange, and the number can be changed on a daily
basis. They then have a chance to buy advertisements across specific content
categories. In addition, sites have the option to ban any ads from appearing
on their site.

According to the AdRelevance
division of Media Metrix, which
looked at the 500 highest-trafficked ad-supported sites, 179 companies
devoted a combined total of more than 17 billion impressions to house
advertising between January and April 2000.

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