DoubleClick to Market CBS StoreRunner Platform to Clients

Online ad giant DoubleClick Inc.
struck a marketing agreement Wednesday, to market CBS StoreRunner‘s customizable online
store to its clients.

The store — to be called the DoubleClick Network Store
— allows Web site publishers to offer products that are relevant to their
content offerings. They can choose from a wide selection of offerings from
hundreds of retailers. CBS StoreRunner creates the infrastructure to run
these stores, in addition to operating a stand-alone shopping portal.

“The DoubleClick Network Store coupled with the DART technology and network
of premium brands gives online merchants yet another means of reaching
shoppers and buyers across the DoubleClick Network,” said Kelly Freeman,
publisher, DoubleClick Commerce Network.

“Advertisers now have a variety of ways to merchandize their products and
services with DoubleClick.”

Financial terms of the agreement weren’t disclosed.

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