DoubleClick to Market Inventory

PC Quote Inc. signed to become a member of the DoubleClick Network and will grant
DoubleClick non-exclusive rights to market a percentage of the growing
advertising impression inventory on

“The alliance is mutually beneficial.” commented Jim R. Porter, PC Quote
chairman and CEO. “The audience is extremely appealing to many
advertisers and an excellent place to find active investors with online
experience, purchasing power and a strong history of exerting that power

“Allowing DoubleClick to market some of our “run of site” inventory provides
DoubleClick clients the opportunity to receive exposure to our valuable
audience within their larger mass-reach campaign, while at the same time
enabling to tap into new spending streams.”

Jonathan Shapiro, vice president of Business Development at DoubleClick, said:
“ is an important addition to the DoubleClick Network as it further
extends our reach in this specialized category and provides advertisers with
valuable content for effectively targeting finance consumers.”

The sales staff will continue to sell ads within the site through
a variety of placement options and advertising packages.

PC Quote’s relationship with DoubleClick began last November with the
implementation of the DoubleClick DART ad management system on its Web site.

The company said 30 percent of’s audience is men with investment
portfolios of $100,000 or more, according to @plan’s Spring 1999 release, two
and one-quarter times the Web average.

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