DoubleClick Unveils List Management ASP

Looking to add list management to its suite of e-mail marketing services, DoubleClick is preparing to take the wraps off its new DARTmail ListDriver ASP.

The new service, which integrates with New York-based DoubleClick’s DARTmail e-mail ASP, is designed to automate volume order creation and e-mail delivery, thereby making it cheaper and easier for list owners, managers and brokers to rent lists.

Using the service, list managers will be able to build cross-segmented lists based on demographic, mailing frequency, and other criteria. It also provides for reporting on responses, sales, opt-outs, and list performance for renters and owners.

Through its link to DARTmail, ListDriver also can automate e-mail campaign setup and deployment.

“It just saves a lot of time, and helps [owners and managers] focus more on growing the business,” said Peter Scherr, product manager for the service. “In this environment, a tool like this that focuses on productivity and profitability is of extremely high interest.”

The ListDriver service was initially created more than a year ago, as a list management tool developed for and used by DoubleClick’s in-house list unit, which it sold earlier this year to InfoUSA’s Walter Karl unit. Now, Pearl River, New York-based Walter Karl is using the productized version of that technology.

In addition, New York City-based MaxWorldwide also is using the service. Formerly known as L90, MaxWorldwide acquired DoubleClick’s North American Media business in July, and has been using DoubleClick’s ad and e-mail technology since selling its own to the larger company last year.

The product is the latest effort by DoubleClick to develop services that address smaller markets while pulling in incremental revenue from clients already using its primary ASP offerings, DARTmail and the DART ad server.

In June, the company debuted SiteAdvance, a tool for analyzing and optimizing Web site visitor activity. Similarly to ListDriver, SiteAdvance can share data with and automate campaigns through DoubleClick’s existing products.

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