DoubleClick’s DART Reaches Five Billion Ad Milestone

DoubleClick Inc. said its DART (Dynamic
Ad Reporting and Targeting) system served more than five billion ads across
6,400 sites worldwide last December.

User sites included: AltaVista, CBS Sportsline, NBC, MTV Europe,,
The and The Wall Street Journal.

The growth has indeed been dramatic. In September of 1998, DART served three
billion ads. In November, DART increased delivery to four billion ads.

DoubleClick said DART “continues to emerge as the industry standard in
advertising technology with the support of 12 data centers and 130 ad servers

The company said DART is now delivering more ads a day than the number of
trades processed through the Nasdaq stock market.

“DoubleClick continues to invest in an engineering team that is monitoring and mapping the
Internet to develop a suite of internal products that produce maximum
efficiency and scalability,” said Kevin O’Connor, CEO and co-founder of DoubleClick.

DART offers advertisers a portfolio of products and services, 24-hour customer
support, real-time upgrades, and the ability to target users by a host of criteria.
And it has been internationalized to meet the challenges of managing Internet
ad sales across
multiple countries operating in different languages and currencies.

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