Dynamics Direct Angling for Entertainment Industry Work

Rich media e-mail marketer Dynamics Direct is looking to home in on lucrative revenues from film studios and music labels, striking an agreement with an entertainment marketing firm.

Through an arrangement with EnterTec Group — a marketing consultancy that assists technology firms in selling their products to the movie, television and music industries — Los Angeles-based Dynamics Direct is aiming to increase its penetration into what many industry watchers consider the “sweet spot” for e-mail marketers.

The music, film and television industries are potentially lucrative for e-mail marketers for a simple reason: so much of the clients’ marketing success hinges on getting their video (and audio, as the case may be) in front of consumers. And campaigns are relatively simple to produce, as well: the studios, labels and networks have existing video and audio that’s fairly easy to repurpose into a rich media e-mail.

Under the agreement — of which financial terms were not disclosed — EnterTec will become an authorized reseller of Dynamics Direct’s rich media products, effectively allowing Dynamics to tap the group’s relationships with industry insiders. (Executives at the firm, which has headquarters in Israel and Beverly Hills, hail from Warner Bros. and Walt Disney, among other studios.)

“We’ve developed a unique ability to determine which technologies have the best chance of being adopted, and a proven track record of putting those technologies in front of Hollywood’s decision makers,” said David Chissick, chairman and chief executive of EnterTec. “The entertainment industry has begun to embrace the power of online marketing. As such, Dynamics Direct presents a one-of-a-kind, compelling, cost-effective, and creative marketing tool for studios, networks and publishers. We look forward to a growing and successful collaboration.”

Dynamics has already made some inroads into the arena — clients include New Line Cinema and the Disney Store — but with its new relationship with EnterTech, the firm is banking on increasing its presence in entertainment.

“EnterTec provides us with broad knowledge of the media and entertainment worlds, as well as an unmatched network of contacts,” said Russ Gillam, the firm’s CEO and president. “Working with EnterTec will help us leverage the power of our … rich media e-mail technology in the promotion of film, television, and music properties, and we look forward to a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.”

Dynamics’ efforts will doubtlessly be helped by the recent exit of one of its competitors, which had been gaining momentum in the arena. Insiders say rich media e-mail player Radical Communication ran out of cash and failed to secure additional financing — despite an impressive client roster that included 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures.

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