E-Steel Selects Stein Rogan & Partners for B2B Brand Campaign

E-Steel, a business-to-business site
serving the steel industry, has revealed its chose of Stein Rogan & Partners to craft its first
integrated brand campaign.

The campaign will feature the tagline, “The Steel Commerce Solution,” and
will appear in trade print, in national business newspaper, in local market
newspaper, online, and outdoors.

Direct marketing will also be part of the
mix, with both snail mail and e-mail components. The campaign launches next
week and spending is estimated at $3 million.

As business-to-business has become the hot new sector in the Internet
industry as a whole, the effect is spilling over into the advertising biz,
especially considering the big bucks that venture capitalists are pouring
into these new companies. E-Steel, for example, just banked $66 million in
third-round funding, an investment led by Goldman Sachs.

The company’s new ad campaign is meant to send the message that a global
steel exchange can empower players at all levels.

“Our job is to make the steel industry and business world aware of the
magnitude of its potential — to save significant time, capital, errors and
IT resources,” says Tom Stein, president of Stein Rogan.

The campaign will feature full-page print ads that play on the “e” in
e-Steel, with one page dominated by a phrase like “expand your market,” the
next page saying “enhance your business efficiency,” and the final payoff
coming on the third page, which will be emblazoned with the e-Steel logo
and tagline. The “e”s in the words expand and enhance will be blue, the
color of the company’s logo.

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