EFax.com, ClicVU, Team to Let Users Save Ads for Later

Internet communications company eFax.com
on Wednesday said that it had signed on with ClicVU, a start-up firm whose technology
lets Internet users set aside banner ads so they can look at them later.

“When an eFax ad catches a person’s attention, they often don’t have time
to view it at that moment. Now, they simply click on the ad and choose to
save it using ClicVU, allowing them to view the ad and go to eFax.com’s
Web site whenever they want,” said Michael Cassara, co-founder of ClicVU.

“This increases the company’s online advertising conversion rate because
content is no longer competing with advertising for the users time.”

The ClicVU product aims to solve the problem of banner ads on content sites
competing with the information that brought the Internet user to the site
in the first place.

So far, since eFax.com began using the ClicVU technology, its sign-up rate
from online advertisements has doubled, according to the companies.

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