eFax.com Signs Charter Advertisers

eFax.com, a provider of Internet-based
document-delivery solutions, signed Hewlett-Packard, Konica, Iomega, Atevo
Travel, PC World Online, Recruiters OnLine Network, BuySoftware.com and
Maximum PC as charter advertisers.

Advertising messages reach eFax.com users in conjunction with its free fax-to-
e-mail service.

“We are very excited about working with leading companies as part of our
advertising program,” said Ron Brown, eFax.com’s vice president of marketing.
“We are able to deliver a message for these companies in a clean, uncluttered
fashion each and every time an eFax.com user reads a fax that was received
into their e-mail account. There are not many online vehicles that can make
that kind of claim.”

eFax.com is a free fax-to-e-mail Web service that converts, compresses and
sends documents digitally. eFax.com documents arrive as e-mail attachments and
can be viewed, reduced, enlarged and printed. eFax.com provides a fax
number–and free usage of that number–to individuals, so they can receive
private faxes at their own e-mail account.

Advertising opportunities include banner space within the eFax.com
Microviewer, animated banners on the Microviewer’s toolbar and the posting of
live banners on individual partner Web sites.

eFax.com also offers HotSend, free software to read any e-mail attachment.

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