EMAP Online Teams with Cybuy

EMAP Online formed a partnership with Cybuy, a new NatWest e-commerce subsidiary,
to offer transaction-enabled advertising to its online advertisers.

Cybuy banner technology enables consumers to buy without ever leaving the
current Web page. Financial arrangements between the companies were not

Visitors who click on targeted Cybuy banners will be shown an offer screen,
and if they click again, an order screen will pop up where they can complete
the transaction on the spot.

“There’s a debate raging in the industry at the moment about how banner ads
need to evolve if they are to be really effective,” said Robert Horler,
commercial director for EMAP Online.

“Cybuy’s solution gives our advertisers
just what they have been crying out for. Everybody wins because the customer
can buy online more easily and more quickly, retailers benefit from
incremental sales and we like it because we don’t lose visitors from our

Cybuy uses NatWest’s Card Services, one of the top five credit card processors
in the world. Cybuy also uses the Engage Knowledge profile database and
Accipiter AdManager, and incorporates Transact, from Open Market.

EMAP Online is one of the biggest online retailers in Britain, offering
travel services and tickets for theater, popular music and summer festival

EMAP Online is part of EMAP plc, a media
group with over 600 magazines and more than 6,000 employees in the UK,
France, the United States and Australia.

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