Engage Delivers an Integrated Accipiter AdManager 4.0

Engage Technologies released Accipiter
AdManager 4.0, its next-generation technology for precision online marketing.

The new version provides a unified solution for profile-enabled ad targeting
on the Web by integrating Engage’s Precision Profiling with Accipiter’s ad serving software to create
an online advertising solution with an easy-to-use interface, the company

This solution uses anonymous individual, interest-based Web visitor profiles
>from Engage to drive relevant site advertising.

The company also said beta testing is currently under way for Engage’s
ProfileServer 4.0, DecisionSupportServer 4.0 and Engage Knowledge 4.0, which
create Web visitor profiles for use in real-time marketing and advertising

Accipiter’s AdBureau service, which is based upon the same technology as
AdManager, enables companies to outsource ad serving and targeting while still
maintaining control over their advertising content. Clients include Lycos,
CNET, ZDNet, The MSN network of sites, Prodigy, Attitude Network, beeb@the
and over 90 other companies.

Version 4.0 of AdManager features:

  • Enhanced multiple-site scaleability and security.
  • Extended support for “rich media” formats, such as interstitial ad banners with high-bandwidth graphics and interactive controls.
  • Management tools that streamline operations for multi-site ad scheduling, billing, revenue calculation inventory management and reporting.
  • Enhanced reporting and automatic report generation. All reports are now in compliance with Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) standard metrics.

“Profile-enabled ad targeting is the next generation of online advertising,” said Paul Schaut, Engage Technologies CEO. “With the latest version of AdManager and our AdBureau service solution, we have created what the market tells us it needs most: a truly integrated, profile-driven, easy-to-use
application that provides a full-fledged solution for advanced ad targeting.”

Engage precision profiles segment distinct user interests into categories based on user behavior (click stream habits). These profiles are the targeting fuel for any rules engine enabling targeted delivery of content to unique users beyond simple context based delivery. Sites deploying Engage profiling technology can create anonymous profiles of visitors locally based on the site or access Engage.Knowledge
global profiles which gives sites access to Web-wide user profiles, the company said.

Engage Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Andover, MA-based CMG Information Services Inc.

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