Enliven 3.5 Adds Live Two-Way Database Access

[email protected] said its just-updated Enliven rich media ad solution now offers
real-time ad content construction, advanced two-way live database access and
faster, smoother ad display.

“Online advertisers now want more than dancing billboards and simple
animation,” said Hilmi Ozguc, vice president of [email protected]’s Enliven
Business Unit. “What they really need is intelligent advertising that
customizes itself to the individual and provides valuable, real-time
information. Enliven’s new capabilities move advertising beyond just grabbing
attention to forming the basis for online and off-line transactions.”

Enliven 3.5 introduces the capability to create ads “on the fly” so that
advertisers can deliver customized messages to specific market segments or
even individuals. Pre-defined ad messages are constructed and displayed in
real-time based on consumer interaction, connection speed, user environment
and demographic information.

Enliven’s new real-time, two-way database capabilities let advertisers
present live information from a database source to a consumer viewing the ad.
In addition, consumers can update marketers’ databases with pertinent
information such as membership registrations, customer service requests, and
transactional data. Consumers can receive live information such as stock
quotes, airline fares and news headlines, the company said, and they can
check product availability before placing an order or learn about the latest

Live chat sessions with customer service representatives from within the ad
also are possible.

Ads created in Enliven 3.5 result in a faster experience by incorporating
sophisticated bandwidth detection, a smaller player size and more control
over which parts of an ad are displayed. Enliven 3.5 includes MatchLogic’s SpeedSelect technology,
which automatically measures the consumer’s connection speed when the ad is
served. This allows Enliven to deliver ad content that is appropriate in its
richness to the connection speed.

Also new is the ability to progressively download ad content based on
consumer interaction — if no interaction occurs, then incremental downloads
are skipped.

Separately, Compaq said it will launch an Enliven-based
interactive online ad featuring live chat this month. The banner ads, part of
Compaq’s Better Answers Campaign, encourage real-time consumer interaction
within the context of the ad. Spending was not disclosed.

Created by DDB Digital, the live
chat ad is designed to generate brand awareness of Compaq as a strategic
computing partner for the communications industry. Utilizing the live data
feed capability of Enliven, consumers viewing the Compaq ad are invited to
“talk with the world” by typing into a text box and simply pushing “Send.” In
real-time, they join a live chat room with other consumers viewing and
interacting with the same Compaq ad.

The campaign will run from July through September on a variety of sites
across the Web including ABC News, CNN Interactive, CNET.com, Infoseek and ZDNet.

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