EntryPoint Rolls Out Phase One of National Campaign

EntryPoint, the downloadable
toolbar company that resulted from the idealab!-brokered marriage of eWallet and
PointCast, on Monday kicked off the first phase of a $10 million national
campaign in New York, San Francisco and San Diego.

The campaign, developed by Phillips-Ramsey Advertising,
aims to increase brand awareness and encourage consumers to download
EntryPoint’s desktop toolbar. Print and ads launched March 1, with
television to follow later this month.

EntryPoint’s print ads, which are currently running in New York, San
Francisco, and San Diego, show images from recent headlines and tell
consumers that they can get the latest news by downloading the toolbar.
Another ad features an anonymous jazz musician pointing out the toolbar’s
access to the CD/MP3 player.

EntryPoint’s radio ads will saturate the San Diego and New York markets in
March and use satire to focus on the convenient characteristics of EntryPoint.

The television ad, rolling out in test markets, will also use satire to
illustrate the convenience of EntryPoint.

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