Epicurious.com Plans Custom Ads, Content for British Visitors

New York City-based CondeNet plans to offer custom advertising and content
for visitors to Epicurious.com from different
English-speaking nations around the world.

Through CondeNet’s parent company Web site in Britain
Epicurious.com editors will interact with site visitors to determine what
kinds of customization would make their visits more rewarding (i.e.:
converting all recipe requirements to locally used measurements or accessing
local restaurant reviews).

User feedback will guide CondeNet to develop highly regionalized content
(such as recipes and cooking techniques of greater interest to British
cooks). CondeNet will then offer advertisers the ability to target their
creative executions or their media buys specifically against the British

“Britain’s Internet market is one of the fastest growing in the world,” said
CondeNet Director Sarah Chubb. “By giving British users more of what they
want within Epicurious.com, we expect to substantially grow our audience and
give global and regional advertisers the opportunity to target locally within
a strongly established world brand.”

Assuming the data is favorable, CondeNet said it will take further steps to
make all or parts of Epicurious locally available in other English-speaking
nations customized to regional tastes and interests. Epicurious.com is an
online food community serving more than two million unique users.

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