[email protected] Touts Personalization in Advertising Campaign

Portal and access firm [email protected] (ATHM) on Monday kicked off a television and outdoor
advertising effort, which highlights the personalization features and
utility of the Excite service.

The “Turn You On” campaign was created by McCann Worldgroup’s Amster Yard,
with media buying duties handled by Starcom-Worldwide.

The ads feature former World Pro Skateboarding champion and surfer Steve
Olson as “Mr. Lucky,” who finds his way out of difficult situations by
using his My Excite service.

The first shows Olson skating toward his wife, then pulling out a bouquet
of flowers for Mother’s Day. He remembered the occasion because of his My
Excite Planner. The others show Mr. Lucky surfing and golfing — activities
enhanced by features on My Excite.

The campaign launches with TV spots in New York, Chicago, San Francisco,
and Seattle. The ads will run during season finales of popular shows like
Friends, Frasier, ER, Spin City, Ally McBeal and X-Files.

Outdoor executions will appear on airport vans, taxi tops, bus fronts, and
phone kiosks, followed by a splash in New York City’s Times Square.

Spending for the campaign wasn’t disclosed, but company officials described
it as a “multi-million dollar” campaign.

The launch of the ad campaign coincides with the launch of a teen community
site on the Excite service, called Zink. It’s an effort by the company to
capture the Web-savvy and fast-growing teen demographic — girls and boys
between 13 and 20 years old.

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