Execs & Accounts For April 22, 2002

The joint venture between New York marketer ElectricArtists and U.K.-based Cake Marketing Group is paying off, with the firms’ London-based joint venture signing European online strategy and promotional work for Nintendo Corp. and several music labels.

For Nintendo, London-based ElectricCake supported the recent launch of the GameCube in the U.K., Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. AOL Time Warner tapped the firm for promotional support for A and Alanis Morrisette, while Virgin hired the firm to promote the Chemical Brothers. The firm also signed work for Kennedy Soundtrack, a band on independent label Instant Karma.

Online video advertising company, VideoBanner, says its streaming technology for delivering video advertisements will be accepted across the DoubleClick’s Media Network.

Using an intelligent delivery infrastructure in combination with patent-pending streaming technology, VideoBanner’s services include the creation, hosting and delivery of rich media content within banners, e-mails and other advertising environments.

The marketing and technology agency, Agency.com, has created and launched the new 3M “Century of Innovation” Web site.

The new site, 3m.com was developed to generate excitement about 3M’s 100-year anniversary. Agency.com has incorporated design changes to existing 3M sites and introduced new content that was consistent with the company’s ongoing external communications activities.

One of the features that the 3M site will include is the interactive “3M Time Machine” that allows visitors to take a trip down memory lane to see highlights of 100 years of 3M’s innovations and firsts.

“We welcomed the challenge of helping 3M communicate both the solid heritage of this 100 year old company as well as their strong, future-oriented vision for heading into a second century,” said Don Scales, president of Agency.com’s Western Region.

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