eYada.com Breaks Consumer Print Ad Campaign

Internet streaming talk content site eYada.com rolled out a new ad campaign this week geared to attract users to its streaming talk content site.

The “Honest talk at eYada.com” campaign’s three print creatives, designed by TBWAChiatDay New York, rely on wry images and text to position the site as edgy and honest: in one ad, a flight attendant performing her in-flight seatbelt routine quips, “Like this is going to do you any good.”

“The ads reveal what everyone is thinking, but is afraid to say, just like our hosts,” said eYada.com president and chief executive Bob Meyrowitz.

“We can be as outrageous and outspoken as we want to be – that’s what Internet radio is all about.”

The eYada campaign includes both national print and out-of-home work, with buys in consumer publications including Fortune, Sports Illustrated, People, and Entertainment Weekly, and out-of-home appearing in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Spending on the campaign was not disclosed.

Aimed at expanding its listener base, “Honest talk at eYada.com” comes at a time when the concept of online streaming programming companies is taking a well-publicized beating — viz. the failures of streaming video sites Pseudo, DEN Networks and POP.com.

eYada.com, while while avoiding many of the costs associated with video, might do well to heed the example of its video-streaming cousins. Streaming talk programming sites do face higher overhead than sites that specialize in streaming music or streaming music radio. Many of Pseudo’s programs, such as its business and political news coverage, were primarily talk shows.

Despite the pressures of a personnel-intensive streaming content business, Meyrowitz said he anticipates the company will turn a profit in 2002.

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