Fax4Free.com Signs Agencies

Fax4Free.com, where users can send and
receive faxes for free signed with The Terpin Group for public relations, The Rabuck Agency for advertising and PPG Advertising for media

The aim is to position Fax4Free.com as the Internet brand for 100 percent
free faxing services, the company said. Spending plans were not disclosed.

Fax4Free.com’s advertising-based faxing services enable both consumers and
businesses to send and receive faxes anywhere in the U.S. at no cost and
around the world starting at five cents per page.

“These companies were chosen because they have the experience to quickly create campaigns which will brand
Fax4Free.com as the only site on the Web where sending and receiving faxes is
completely free,” said Barry Shore, president of Fax4Free.com. “The new marketing team will launch a public relations
campaign and a radio and print advertising blitz.

The service uses Fax4Free.com’s Image Builders technology that allows
advertisers to
place unobtrusive ads along the right and left-hand margins of each fax page.

Image Builders allows advertisers to display logos, messages, telephone
numbers and real world and Web addresses.

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