Flashbase Creates Sweepstakes Solution for Small Businesses

Flashbase, a start-up that’s been
developing Web-based solutions for small online businesses, on Wednesday
expanded its services into automated online sweepstakes.

The service allows small Web sites to create their own promotions,
including entry forms and permission-based e-mail campaigns, to drive
traffic, using a Web-based interface. Users can customize their entry form
by changing the colors, uploading logos, and adding, deleting and editing
questions. Flashbase generates official rules, a prize schedule, an entry
form, and a thank-you page.

“Flashbase has automated the painful process of creating and managing
sweepstakes with a simple point-and-click solution,” says Ed Sim, managing
director of Dawntreader LP, a
Flashbase investor.

“We believe that Flashbase will be a must-have service for all marketing
professionals for customer acquisition and retention.”

Although Flashbase is going for a lower-end customer, the company’s new
offering competes with the likes of Promotions.com, Cybergold, Netcentives, FreeShop.com and MyPoints.com.

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