FlipDog.com Lands Citysearch Alliance

As online career sites continued their efforts at solidifying market share, one player in the market, FlipDog.com, inked an alliance Wednesday with Ticketmaster Online-Citysearch.

Under the terms of the agreement, FlipDog.com will provide job listings in the regionalized career centers of TMCS’s local portal Citysearch.

The companies said they saw immediate synergies through the deal: FlipDog gets most of its job listings by automatically aggregating jobs from local employers, who post open positions on their Web sites.

“Integrating FlipDog.com within the Citysearch framework puts our highly localized career content at the fingertips of one of the Web’s most localized audiences,” said FlipDog.com chief executive officer Bob Sherwin. “This powerful combination delivers an incredible experience to job seekers in virtually every major metropolitan area in the United States.”

Citysearch will dedicate a portion of its field sales force to sell the Provo, Utah company’s job listing and recruitment services to employers.

“Based on our online recruiting sales efforts over the past couple of years, we are confident that FlipDog.com delivers what employers need to effectively recruit online,” said Dan Marriott, executive vice president of corporate strategy and development at TMOC. “By working with FlipDog.com, Citysearch becomes the local online solution for both job seekers and employers.”

The news comes as online job-hunting sites are working to expand their reach in acompetitive market, while portals, facing similarly close competition, are making efforts to bolster their own career resources to round out their offerings. Tuesday, NBC Internet launched an online sweepstakes to promote its online career center, powered by Headhunter.net. The company promoted the sweepstakes itself through radio and primetime network television spots.

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