Flooz.com Selects LinkShare For Affiliate Marketing

New York City-based affiliate marketing company LinkShare Corp. signed Flooz.com, a new e-commerce site providing
consumers with a convenient online gift giving experience.

The Flooz.com program will allow LinkShare partners to earn commissions based
on Flooz.com sales that are generated by advertisements on the participating
affiliate’s Web sites.

“Flooz.com is a natural partner for LinkShare. In addition to providing
technology, our company will serve as an independent third party, tracking
and verifying customer referrals and transactions, and managing the related
revenue structures,” said Jerome H. Kern, LinkShare CEO. “The Flooz.com gift
giving experience provides customers with a unique connection to quality
merchants. We can facilitate and expand those relationships.”

Launched last March and based in New York, Flooz.com is a Web site created
for the sale and redemption of Flooz, an online gift currency, which can be
redeemed at a variety of participating merchants.

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