Flycast, Adsmart Plan to Focus on Selling Special Events

Flycast Communications and Adsmart, soon to both be part of Engage Technologies under CMGI‘s (CMGI) consolidation strategy, on Wednesday
said they planned to team to offer advertisers opportunities to make buys
for special events like the Grammy’s, Academy Awards, Tax Day, Mother’s Day
and Father’s Day.

The initiative is the first joint enterprise between the two companies, and
it is, perhaps, a harbinger of what we will see when they are both brought
under the Engage umbrella.

“We look forward to continued collaboration as we both become fully
integrated,” says Mark Martiak, vice president, Northeast media sales at
Flycast (FCST).

The companies came up with the idea after Flycast had success with a
holiday shopping media category in 1999. The huge amount of advertising
done over the holiday season, as well as that done for Valentine’s Day,
shows Internet advertising evolving toward big surges around events.

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