Fogdog Sports Unleashes National TV Ad Campaign

Online sporting goods retailer Fogdog Sports launches its first national TV
advertising campaign this week with spots that introduce consumers to “The
Fogdog,” a canine character that rescues athletes caught in sporting goods

“Your anywhere, anytime sports store” is the theme of the campaign by San
Francisco ad agency OWN&P. The television spots are part of an $8
million advertising effort designed to target active sports enthusiasts.

“The ads reflect a deep-rooted understanding of the consumer’s passion for
playing sports,” said Jeff Odiorne, partner at OWN&P and creative director
for the television spots. “Humor is used to underscore why athletes of all
abilities play sports — for fun.”

“The Fogdog is a friendly `guy’ dressed in a dog suit. He mysteriously
appears to supply athletes caught in sporting goods predicaments. In one
spot, a climber scales the sheer face of a mountain. As she nears the top,
she drops her last protective cam and watches stunned as it falls several
hundred feet below. Out of nowhere, The Fogdog rappels down beside the
climber and hands over a new cam without a word.”

The new spots will air through December on ESPN, ESPN2, Classic Sports, Golf
Channel, Outdoor Life Network, Fox, Turner and CBS. Radio and outdoor ads
will complement the TV spots in major markets. Fogdog Sports also has online
advertising partnerships with AOL, Excite, Yahoo!, Netscape,, Snap!,
HotBot and WebTV.

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