Fox Family Worldwide Launches Kid-Targeted Internet Ad Sales Division

Fox Family Worldwide on Wednesday started up a new advertising sales group
to represent its own kid and teen sites, as well as those of other companies.

The Fox Kids Web Net, as it will be
called, will approach advertisers that are trying to reach children and
teens, selling the network as a one-stop-shopping opportunity. The sales
team will focus on Internet properties, but will also be able to offer
traditional media, like the Fox Kids Network, Fox Family Channel, Fox Kids
Magazine, and the Fox Family Countdown radio program.

“We are seeing more and more of our traditional kids advertisers that are
looking for integrated media packages,” said Matt Turner, the manager of
national advertising sales, who will head up the new division.

“Our Web Net portfolio, combined with our other media properties offers
advertisers totally unprecedented branding opportunities.”

Fox Kids Web Net isn’t alone in targeting kids and teens. DoubleClick (DCLK)
offers advertisers a “youth” category; Flycast Communications (FCST)
has a “teens and young adults” category; Adsmart sells a “children” category and a
“teen” category, and 24/7 Media (TFSM)
has a “kids/teen” network channel.

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