, Marketing Firm Team for Ad in San Francisco, which describes
itself as the largest gay and lesbian online community, and Rivendell Marketing, a gay and lesbian
media placement firm, said they have formed the first online gay advertising

The network offers a suite of online advertising options designed to
reach gay and lesbian consumers, the companies said. In January, the
network claimed more than 1.34 million visitors, 811,000 chat hours and 50
million advertising impressions.

Ad options on the network include traditional banner ads, 60 and 120
second commercials in the chat rooms, and chat room logo placements for
product and corporate branding.

By playing Java banner ads, sponsors can create interactive commercials and
collect real-time information from site visitors. Pay per impression, pay per
click, pay per lead, and pay per sale programs are available. Sponsors are
provided access to online daily reports to track the results of their
marketing programs at

“We see a significant opportunity for companies to quickly and cost
effectively reach a massive gay and lesbian consumer base on the
network,” said Todd Evans, president of Rivendell Marketing. “Since users
stay connected an average of 36 minutes per visit and the ads are rotated
every minute or two, chat room advertising at is like broadcasting
an international television commercial.”

The targetable gay market consists largely of young, urban, single
males/females with a higher than average education level, a higher than
average income level, and usually no dependents, the companies said.
Consequently, the level of discretionary income in the gay community is very
high. Over 73% of’s online community members have a
college degree and 38% report an average household income of over $60,000. is run by PrideCom Productions and provides content distribution and
community services. Partners include WhoWhere?, Human Rights Campaign (HRC),
Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), STOP AIDS Project,
Fitsource, Rainbow Query Search Engines, and Ferrari International Travel
Guides. Chat services are offered in six languages to over 750 network

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