Geocities Launches Direct Marketing Program For Advertisers

Internet community operation GeoCities rolled out a product sampling
and couponing program designed to acquaint consumers with its advertisers.

The new GeoCities House-Warming program will connect advertisers with new
homesteaders through one-time “house-warming” offers of virtual coupons, gift
certificates, product samples, discounted software, and free software

Initial sponsors include CompuServe, Fuji, Kayser-Roth, and The Student
Advantage Network.

“Advertisers recognize GeoCities’ ability to deliver highly qualified
consumers who are accustomed to sampling and buying products over the
Internet,” said Michael Barrett, vice president of advertising sales for
GeoCities. “We believe the House-Warming program is the first step to
educating GeoCitizens about our sponsors.”

New homesteaders registering for a GeoCities home page will receive a
welcoming e-mail message that includes a special URL where they can pick up
house-warming gifts from GeoCities’ advertisers. More than 5,000 new users
build home pages on GeoCities every day, the company said.

Users are currently being welcomed with a Fujifilm 24mm Advanced Photo System
Rebate from Fuji, a Student Advantage Savings Card from AT&T and Student
Advantage Network, $1.00 off No Nonsense hosiery from Kayser-Roth, and free
membership to CompuServe.

Based in Santa Monica, CA, with advertising sales offices in New York and San
Francisco, GeoCities records more than 574 million page views and 91 million
individual visits each month, according to IPRO’s December 1997 report.

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