“Get Paid To Surf” Operation Launched by GoToWorld.com

LanguageForce Inc. has launched an
ad-backed search portal called GoToWorld.com that, like AllAdvantage.com, pays members money
to surf the Web.

A free download is available at www.GoToWorld.com. Like AllAdvantage, the
business model includes a multilevel marketing-like referral program.

GoToWorld.com said it pays each member 40 cents an hour while they are online
surfing the Internet with the GoToWorld.com browser. In addition, each member
earns a referral fee for each hour his or her referrals stay online.

“Today’s Internet is an explosively growing global community,” said Ian
Simpson, CEO and co-founder of LanguageForce Inc. “GoToWorld.com is the next
Internet revolution. We reward our members by paying them for surfing the
World Wide Web and referring new members to our global search portal and
browser. This is a win-win situation for everyone.”

The GoToWorld browser has a dollar sign in the upper right hand corner that
activates and deactivates sponsored advertising messages.

The GoToWorld.com Global Messenger allows users anywhere in the world to
instantly communicate between languages by using the LanguageForce Universal
Translator plug-ins.

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