Go2 Systems Adds 300 Local Directory Sites

Go2 Systems Inc., originator of Go2, a global addressing and locator
system, launched 300 individual Web sites providing access to more than 11
million U.S. yellow page records, one topic and one neighborhood at a time.

Go2’s sites, called Go2 NetGates, use a familiar Web site naming convention,
such as Go2coffee.com, Go2banks.com or Go2restaurants.com, to deliver
location-based information for real-world destinations. Go2 NetGates use
proximity to deliver search results, automatically providing data relative to
the location of the user.

“Instead of searching for restaurants and getting everything from here to
Peoria, people can type in ‘Go2burgers.com’ and find the closest burger joint
— creating a new way of shopping and turning the Internet into a new kind of
neighborhood resource,” said Lee Hancock, founder and president of Go2
Systems Inc.

In addition to existing U.S. yellow page records, Go2 NetGates provide
information on registered Go2 merchants, such as coupons, special offers and
direct click-through to Web sites.

Its premium listings provide a given
merchant’s Go2 Address, company logo, phone, fax, map, turn-by-turn
directions, coupon opportunities and information on
proximity to the user.

Specials are advertised at each NetGate by Go2 merchants, and consumers can
print customized coupons for redemption at their local retailer.

Users can also download an optional software application called Go2 Enable,
which location-enables their desktop, laptop or other portable device. The
optional Go2 Enabler provides a location handshake between the user and Go2
Enabled Web sites, automatically delivering relevant local data.

Go2 said it has more than 2,000 NetGates registered in the “Go2_.com” format,
such as Go2drycleaners.com and Go2bakeries.com.

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