Half.com Launches National Branding Campaign

The online marketplace that convinced a town to name itself after the
company, Half.com, on Wednesday kicked
off a national branding campaign, which will include online, cable, radio,
print and guerilla marketing elements.

Spending for the campaign, designed by Odiorne, Wilde,
Narraway and Partners
, wasn’t disclosed.

Print ads will appear in several national publications, including the
New Yorker and the New York Times Book Review section. TV
commercials will air on cable channels, including VH 1, ESPN,
Comedy Central, and MSNBC. Radio ads will air on national live
talk radio.

Guerilla marketing efforts will include: issuing “citations” to shoppers at
retail book and music stores in selected markets, “ticketing” them for
paying twice the price for their books and CDs; branding trucks as moving
Half.com billboards in major metropolitan areas; co-marketing with PrimeCo Personal Communication, a digital
wireless service provider; advertising on ATM machines up and down the West
coast; and, sponsoring the half-time show at Philadelphia 76ers basketball games.

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