Here’s a Switch: An Ad-Free Site Launch

Rocketworks Inc. launched, calling it the first in
its suite of ad-free commercial Web sites. lets people create Web sites for a broad range of events like
birthdays, barbecues, reunions, bar mitzvahs and weddings, said Guy Wolcott, the 27-year
old president and CEO.

“ is not about ad sales or selling merchandise. While it exists
completely online, it provides real value to people in a noise-free
environment,” Wolcott said.

Prices for users appear to be in the $10 to $45 range. features tools for creating sites that help people plan and
manage every aspect of a small or large event and includes a unique “theme”
catalog that allows users
to design a site that reflects their own personal style and the spirit of
their event.

“There is a notion on the Web that people will put up with anything to keep
things free,” said Wolcott. “But there is a limit. We believe people don’t
want to subject friends and family to a barrage of marketing efforts. We have
an alternative.”

Founded in 1996, Rocketworks designs,
builds, hosts and maintains Web sites for clients including MSBET (a joint venture of Microsoft and Black
Entertainment Television), the National Medical Association,
and the Magic Johnson Foundation.

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