Continues Campaign with Super Bowl Spot

Online recruiting site took the wraps off its newest TV spot and filled in more details of how it plans to use its estimated $2 million Super Bowl ad buy.

The new spot, designed by Weiss Stagliano Partners, is the latest ad from New York-based HotJobs’ “Onward. Upward” campaign, which the company unveiled in October.

As with the other commercials, “Go” seeks to convey the message that workers can break out of a monotonous job and move to a spiritually fulfilling career by using HotJobs. The spot features a desk toy, of the “executive ball-clacker” variety, and one of the toy’s silver balls decides to make a break for freedom.

The ad, set to the Mammas & the Papas’ “Go Where You Wanna Go,” will run in the game’s third-quarter. HotJobs also said it plans to run three earlier spots from its “Onward. Upward” campaign during pre-game programming.

HotJobs is also launching an online promotion, featuring an interactive game that borrows the themes and “hero” of the TV spot. The game, designed by Los Angeles-based YaYa, lets users control the silver ball’s efforts to ditch a monotonous job. HotJobs said it plans to promote the game “aggressively” on its site, and through an e-mail marketing campaign.

HotJobs is one of three dot-coms advertising in this year’s Super Bowl, with competitor and financial services firm E*Trade also spending the estimated $2 million CBS is asking for a 30-second spot. earlier this week unveiled its new campaign and its Super Bowl ad. In positioning similar to that of HotJobs, Maynard, Mass.-based Monster’s campaign, “Job Good, Life Good,” aims to depict that by using Monster to find a new job, users can make their life better. The campaign is the first work for Monster from Boston’s Arnold Worldwide.

Despite the fact that both jobs sites’ spots convey a similar sentiment and the fact that Monster is actually spending more (the company will run two spots, during the Super Bowl’s first and third quarters,) HotJobs is banking on consumers’ familiarity with its campaign and the interactive promotion.

“By basing HotJobs’ ‘On the Ball’ video game on our Super Bowl commercial, we’ve imaginatively and seamlessly integrated our offline and online advertising and marketing, and extended our reach to a group of potential new users,” said Marc Karasu, HotJobs’ vice president for advertising. “Those unfamiliar with HotJobs will now be introduced to our brand and interact with it in a new and entertaining way.”

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