I/PRO Launches Web Site Speed and Performance Service

Internet Profiles Corp. (I/PRO), a subsidiary
of profile marketing company Engage, launched Velocity, a service that provides
customers with the ability to monitor the speed and performance of their
sites from their end-users’ perspective.

The service ensures third-party accountability solves Web-related
business/technical challenges and provide a positive Web experience for
end-users, the company said.

“Our NetLine site activity measurement service and Custom Research services
provide a site with knowledge on the size, quality and behavior of their
audience,” said Deborah McWhinney, I/PRO president.

“With the addition of
Velocity, we will now be able to provide an even more complete analysis suite
that will help sites attract and retain visitors by ensuring a better
end-user experience.”

Velocity provides information on how long it takes to access a URL, begin
receiving URL content, and download all the content or objects on that page.
Ad banners and third-party syndicated content can be monitored to ensure they
are delivered within the agreed upon time.

Velocity can even monitor
dynamically named objects or business transactions like purchasing a CD or
checking an account balance, the company said. Detailed information on how
long specific objects took to download, from nearly anywhere in the world, is
also available.

With Velocity, a site will know if an Internet backbone or service provider
is having problems and can proactively work to minimize the impact on users,
the company said.

In addition, a site can use Velocity to test content
mirroring services or credit card verification processes to ensure that they
are working correctly.
Over 100 monitoring stations worldwide enable Velocity to check a site’s
status from once to up to 15 times per hour, the company said.

Customers can
set up to four notification levels so the software will alert the right
people at the right time. Price points were not disclosed.

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